Is Bolsonaro an extreme-wing president?

20-01-2020 The international media refers, many times, to Bolsonaro as the “far-right” president or “extreme-wing” politician. For most Brazilians, however, such reference does not make any sense at all. Indeed, after sixteen years of corruption, it was necessary to elect someone who had the guts to tackle the oligarchies that contributed to the introduction of the low self-esteem that prevailed in the country and, almost led Brazil into the verge of bankruptcy. Why, thus, refer to Bolsonaro, solely, as the “far-right” president?
Is it on account of supporting the Inquiry Parliamentary Commission which was created to investigate the wrongdoings committed by the National Development Bank-BNDES? According to that Commission final report, there were many flaws when financing the works in Venezuela, Cuba, Mozambique and other countries during the leftist governments of Lula Da Silva and Dilma Roussef.
Is it on account of reporting and suppressing a corruption mechanism, spread throughout the country, in which the political and economic elites have used the state power to manage permits, government grants, and tax breaks?
Is it on account of refusing to distribute financial assets to the main national media companies with the purpose of getting positive News aiming at the manipulation of Brazilian society and getting votes?
Is it on account of breaking the powerful industrial lobby, which was partially responsible for preserving Brazil as one of the most closed economies worldwide?
Is it on account of criticizing the current large and inefficient State that reigns in Brazil, with the excuse of trying to follow the European welfare society model, where sustainability is being strongly questioned and reviewed?
Is it on account of having the courage to face the criminality problems taking a firm stand on the impunity that abounded in the country? Is it on account of rejecting the idea that cities insecurity mainly exists due to social inequality issues?
Is it on account of denouncing the Cuban medical diplomacy, whose professionals get only 25% of the wages paid by the countries where they work? Bolsonaro did not hesitate to question the quality of the doctors and remarked that they were the biggest slave army in recent world history.

Most Brazilian voted for Bolsonaro, as president, because the society demanded a change in the course of a vessel, named Brazil, which was about to sink. Many changes are already being carried out as the implementation of several projects in the area of infrastructure (ports, airports, railways, roads), which are going to allow the outflow of agricultural production to the main ports, thus providing a better insertion of the country in the global economy.
Also, Brazil’s country risk has recently sunk to the lowest level in nine years. Therefore, I strongly believe that we are in the direction of having the investment grade again, which shall increase the confidence of investors. In spite of any inadequacies that the current government may have, to summarize it to “far-right” means not to understand that during the former Worker’s Party rule the government can be synthetized as a large kleptocracy.

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